Meet Michele


My name is Michele Beatty and I am an interior designer in N. California.  I went back to school in 2002 to follow my passion for all things interior design.  My mom always subscribed to Better Homes and Garden and Good Housekeeping when I was growing up and I would love looking at the home and garden sections.  I have owned several homes over the years and with not much of a budget but a DIY spirit and a husband who didn't run every time I said, "You know what would look really good?" we have tackled many projects.  Our home will always be a work in progress and I love that!  My hope is that I can help clients create their own beautiful, well functioning space so they can love and be proud of their interior view.

I Believe in...

interior design that does not have to be stuffy and neither do designers.

redesign...which means using what you already have to help you fall in love with your home all over again.

it is never too late to become what you were meant to be.

that clients often become my friends

that paint can be the great equalizer and that color does not have to be scary.

the creative process. Even if it takes more that one try to "get that perfect look"

the right accessory or fabric can transform a room

that something from TJ Maxx or Target can look great next to something from Holly Hunt or Jonathan Adler.

"half caff", 1% white mochas from Starbucks.

good wine, good chocolate and great friends, especially together.

it is against the law of good design for everything to match.

eco-friendly design is the responsibility of the human race to our mother earth.

you can and should mix more than one type of wood in a room

random acts of kindness

walking my dog Max is the cheapest form of therapy!