Friday, August 13, 2010

The Eat Pray Love in Style

Today the movie Eat Pray Love comes out starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardiem and maybe if you lived under a rock you wouldn't know that.  I for one was excited and a little apprehensive when it was announced that they were making a movie of the book.  How would they convey in a movie all the thoughts and life changes that occurred in the author Elizabeth Gilberts' year long journey?  There is a whole lot of history of movies not living up to the book.  However, there is no denying the huge marketing campaign that has been leading up to todays movie premiere. 

Whether you agree with the author's choice to chuck it all for a year of self exploration (indulgence?) or not, it has created some style influences in both fashion and home decor.  I for one loved the book (read it twice).  First, who hasn't thought about just leaving everything behind, just for a little while, to find ourselves, rejuvenate, explore someplace new and eat lots of good food?  Sign me up!  Italy for sure...India, I would probably pick somplace else but Bali, oh yeah.

Secondly, I love that she was honest about the questions she has about life, God and love. Thirdly, I learned something from reading this book.  Her descriptions of her time in Italy, where she lived, the food she ate and the origin of the italian language took me there.  Her time in the ashram, the principals behind yoga and meditation, "the Yogis believe a human life is a very special opportunity, because only in human form and only with a human mind can God-realization ever occur.  The turnips, the bedbugs, the coral--they never get a chance to find out who they really are.  But we do have that chance."  In Bali, we learn that it was once not always paradise and that it has a history of slave trading and wasn't until the 1960's that the government decided to reinvent it for tourism.

If you haven't read the book or won't see the movie, you can still see evidence of it's influence on style for our homes and fashion being marketed at places like World Market, HSN, Target and others.

 Journal for your own book...

Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag

Yum Pasta!

Some beautiful candleholders to set an exotic mood. These could be used in many decor styles.


Your own little budha

Add a touch of exotic with pillows
Baskets are always perfect!

Love this rustic bench for an enclosed patio or entryway...

All images from World Market

So are you a fan of the book?  Will you see the movie?  I'm hoping to see it this weekend.  I won't be traveling the world but just escaping for a couple of hours into someone elses.

To Your Interior View,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Don't Forget About The Green

You can be green by using your green...plants that is.  If your yard or cutting flowers are in between blooming times, use your plants that have interesting leaves like these ones from my backyard.  Herbs are another great way to pull in something natural and fresh that can smell great too.

I bought three of these glass bottles at Homegoods after being inspired by a visit to Ferrari Carrano's tasting room in Healdsburg.  They had purchased antique apple cider bottles and created gorgeous light fixures and someday mine will light fixtures when they grow up!
The picture on the left is my inspiration...doesn't it look great?  The tasting room is beautiful with a great boutique as well.

For now, I'll use them as vases until the dream can be fulfilled.

 So save your green by using your green ( i know, i know, couldn't help myself).  How do you use items from your yard to add to your home?

To your interior view,