Thursday, March 11, 2010

Websites, Facebook, Blogs...Oh My!!!

Looking back on 2009, like many people, I'm glad its over.  Good riddance; don't let the door hit you in
&*%! on the way out.  For me though, part of the reason I'm glad to say adios to 2009 is that I'm excited about 2010.  It started out with a big birthday for me...huge!  A number that gave me I took one.  The whole month of January to be exact.  I processed, celebrated, was celebrated (love you all) and processed some more.  I'm feeling a little fearless, maybe that comes with age but I'm kinda sick of the doom and gloom.  I want to throw off the gray and add some color. 

Pantone's 2010 Color of the Year - Turquoise

So I researched, polled family and friends and came up with some options so that good design can be affordable and stylish.  I'm proud of the projects completed in 2009 and helping improve and create spaces that clients will love and that bring them joy is why I do what I do.  The hours learning about blogging, websites, SEO's and marketing, while not nearly as fun as designing a room layout are what I believe will help me become a better, more informed and educated designer.  It's a new decade and interior spaces and how we use and interact in them is evolving as quickly as technology is.  So I've added a virtual design component to my website, which you can check out here.  I have always thought that great interiors can be affordable.  Often when someone asks me what I do and I say I'm an interior designer, their response is a) "oh I wish you could come to my house" or b) "I wish I could afford to have you help me."  That has always bothered me because it is not automatic that I will tell you to get rid of everything and start over.  In fact, I've never said that.  Sometimes, its the simple addition of one or two things, rearranging how a room functions or adding some color that can make all the difference.  Now I am adding some affordable options so that you can hire a designer (that would be me)and we can even do it virtually through the convenience of our easy is that.  If you have a simple question that can be answered in one paragraph such as how high should you hang artwork, or your curtain rod you can do that for $25.  If you need a little more indepth help, there are options for that as well.  So take a look and I'd love to know what you think about the changes. 

The newsletter with tips and articles will continue to be monthly but I will be blogging at least once or twice a week about interior design trends, inspiration, projects I'm working on, etc.  I've got two homeowners who graciously allowed me to come in and hear their home improvement project stories and take pictures which I will be sharing.  I love West Coast design so will be focusing a lot on California (where I live) and Oregon and Washington (near to my heart).  There are so many styles represented on our side of the country that I will never run out of inspiration!  If you've got a particular interest, let me know.  So I hope you will subscribe to the blog posts and let's have a conversation...

So I couldn't let you go without any pictures, so here's a little turquoise and Spring from RSH Catalog.
Happy Designing,


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